Going dotty. Polka dots are a thing this Spring – are you in?

I’ve been seeing spots. Lots of spots.

You can’t avoid them, they’re everywhere. Not just on the runway and in the shops – round our way there’s been an outbreak of scarlet fever and that starts with a red spotty rash too.

Although I’m happiest in solid colours, I do like to slide a bit of pattern into the mix here and there to keep things lively, although admittedly it’s mostly a staple stripe or occasionally some leopard if I’m feeling racy.

I just never really embraced polka dots. I always thought they were a bit too twee, a little bit Disney. Or at the other end of the scale, for lovely old ladies who do flowers in churches and volunteer as cat fosterers.


As I’m neither of these things, (although, if it wasn’t for Simon and his ‘no more walking around pets’ rule I would have a house FULL of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, capybara, goats – you get the picture, basically I’d live in a zoo) I’ve stayed away from all things dotty. Apart from a brief flirtation after seeing Julia Roberts at the races in Pretty Woman – but everyone who saw the film back then tried to do that look, with the little gloves and the white straw boater hat. Well, maybe we didn’t all go that far… There wasn’t a lot of call for that sort of thing in Newcastle in the early 1990’s, unless you were going to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new branch of Greggs.

Here’s an amazing fact…We have 29 Greggs shops in Newcastle now – there’s almost 10 stores for every 100,000 people. That’s a LOT of sausage roll love. Imagine the avalanche of flaky bits you’d be buried in if all the Geordies bit into one at once!

Anyway, enough with the sausage roll musings. If you still hanker for Julia Roberts swishiness, you can buy a slice of that action at Mango, for £50:

MANGO Polka dot midi dress


If you’re feeling crafty (or have a friend or relative you can bribe if you’re too lazy or unaccomplished with a needle, like me) The Stylist has a handy guide on how to actually make one HERE.

What changed my mind on spots is when I came across a couple of pairs of tights in the clearance section of TK Maxx for £3 each. I do like a nice cheap accessory with the ability to switch up a look….

…and once I’d caught the polka dot bug, it spread all over my wardrobe really quickly. It must be infectious. Is there some sort of cream I need to apply?

Next, I picked up this fabulous silky dress with a tiny spot pattern in our local Red Cross Charity Shop for under a fiver (but I think it might be current H&M stock?) and I think I’ll be wearing it all year long. I can see it working just as well with bare legs and sandals in the Summer.

Then I spotted(!) this blouse in the Barnardo’s Retail shop and even though it’s a size 16 I took a chance on it, because it’s got the tie belt that means you can pull it in to the right size… and for £2.99 it would’ve been rude not to.

I’m attempting a forces sweetheart pose here, because I felt like the blouse had a bit of a 40’s vibe –  but I think I’m coming off more deranged stork.

Then the spots became fully infectious and I turned up to work like this (I think this could have bagged me a sick day without even having to put on the croaky voice)

One of my lovely colleagues thought I was wearing an all in one bodysuit with a skirt on over the top – how amazing I thought and went off Googling, only to get this:


…Maybe not then.

So, if my journey of discovery into Discworld has inspired you to have a dabble, Mango is definitely your one spot shop (see what I did there?!). Have a look there first, or I’ve thrown in a Marc Jacobs option if you’re feeling flush.

Seeing spots



Are you tempted?

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great week.